We have been living in Chicago for the past ten years. Both warm-weather natives (California and the Dominican Republic) we took every opportunity to travel to new (and often warmer) places, both domestically and abroad. It just so happened that with every new place we visited we seemed to add three more to our bucket list. Suddenly our trips became longer: two weeks, three weeks, one month...


Conversation about traveling for an extended period of time became a frequent topic. "What if we travel for a year?!" At first the idea seemed insane, but as with many things in life, the more you think about something the more you get used to the idea. So an impossible idea started to shape up into something possible. Now here we are, taking a leap and stepping away from our "regular" life for a year. We are ready for a new type of "regular."

Making the decision to leave was not easy. Common reactions we hear when we talk about our plans are, "That's so great, but I could never do that." Or, "That's really brave." For a long time, we were not sure we could do this either. That was until we decided to put our ideas into action. Big ideas turned into small action steps and it all seemed much more manageable. Throughout this year we hope to achieve three things: Explore, Create and Inspire.

We hope to explore the vast array of cultures, communities and surroundings this world has to offer. We hope that others embrace the diversity that surrounds us.

We aim to use our new and changing surroundings to create; photos, videos and writing and share them with everyone.

Finally, we want to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone; this means anything from travel, to cooking a new meal, to wearing something you usually wouldn't.

Danny & Silvia